About Elke

Elke Haggerty, LL.M., MBA,  Process Works

I’m an optimist bursting with ideas who cares deeply for people.  What I feel most passionate about is to support people with communication.  Why?  I see a pain coming from how we speak to ourselves and to others – and it doesn’t have to be that way!  We can look at the interests underneath the issues (mediation principles), ask questions to gain understanding (facilitation), consider leadership, motivation, and group dynamics (organizational behaviour), negotiate based on underlying interests (interest-based problem-solving), and delve deep to gain understanding of what we want and what matters to others, realizing that everything anyone does is to meet a need (compassionate communication or NVC).  These processes can be integrated.  The beauty of collaborative communication, which, for me, is heavily inspired by NVC, is that it can solve so many communication challenges at once from parenting to corporate change – all by learning the principles and process steps of one simple process!   

My formal education includes a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in organizational analysis and a Master of Laws from the University of Amsterdam (UVA) with a concentration in international law.  Over the last 25 years, I have taken training in mediation, facilitation, and interest-based negotiation.  Since 2015, I have delved deeply into Compassionate Communication with trainers of the Center for Nonviolent Communication.  I have always loved teaching and have taught in many capacities (e.g. cadet, business instructor at two Alberta Colleges, Dutch instructor, home educator, Nordic ski coach, and private trainer). 

PS: I’d love to create an ambassador program in schools or communities where young people whose interest is sparked by collaborate communication have a chance to learn these skills and to support teachers or community members with these – any interested kids, not just “smart” kids or kids who “don’t create waves.”  Imagine the transformational potential!  If you are interested in creating a project like that in your school or community, let’s talk!

Warm regards,

Elke Haggerty, LL.M., MBA