Most of us don't grow up with a strong, varied feelings and needs vocabulary - because we have learned to protect ourselves and to not talk about these.  This later hinders us because we are less aware and less able to express what matters to us.  Here's a Feelings and Needs card that I made.  You may freely share this list for non-commercial purposes as long as you have the source information on it.

Process Works Feelings and Needs Lists

The lists are alphabetical rather than organized by theme because, in my experience, grouping these can change the meaning of the words.

Hard copies of the green/white post-card-sized card are available for a nominal fee; just call or text me at +1 780 933-5542.  Similarly, if you would like to use this resource in trainings, please contact me.

A Brief Business Case for Collaborative Communication

On an organizational level, there are many reasons for improving our ability to problem solve, resolve conflicts, and otherwise improve our workplace cultures. Disengaged employees, for example, are said to cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year and Gallup cites that engaged workplaces have 21% higher overall productivity and much lower rates of turnover.  Canada, sadly, ranked 4th globally for high employee turnover, according to according to the Canadian  HR Reporter (2018), in addition to limited advancement opportunities, employees' top reasons, globally, for leaving an organization are dissatisfaction with senior management (41%) and the work culture or environment

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Some high-profile companies have used collaborative communication (also called nonviolent communication).  Microsoft is one of these companies.  CEO Satya Nadella includes Dr. Marshall  Rosenberg's book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life as basic reading for the company leadership.  Letty Cherry, who is head of global employee, leader & culture communications at Microsoft has some advice to business leaders unsure of how to activate their workforce: "'Check your bias at the door.' Empathy, vulnerability, and promoting two-way dialogue are all critical to removing barriers so you can develop both your talent and your brand."