Integrate ideas of collaborative communication to build strong relationships in your personal and work life.  This form of active journaling invites us to communicate with clarity, empathy & more...

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 Who would you like to be?  If you were being your whole self, what would it look like?  Find out in the More-of-Me Discovery Group for Caregivers.

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Save the Date!  Starting at 6pm on Friday, April 1st, and going throughout the weekend, is the Canadian Rocky Mountain Heart to Heart 10th Annual NVC Conference.  Due to Covid, it will be online for the second year in a row.  Unique to this conference: beginner and more advanced streams to follow.  Recordings will be available for viewing after the conference!

I love change and am always happy to consider creating a custom training to suit your organization or group of friends.  Please contact me at +780 933-5542 so that we can discuss your specific needs.  

Open to fellow CNVC Certification Candidates, my Candidate Circle meets every 1st through 4th Saturday of the month to build on our foundations in NVC.  If you are a registered candidate, I invite you to connect with me if you are interested in knowing more about this ongoing learning opportunity.  

Tools for Relationships 101: Collaborative Communication Key Distinction Series

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s 25 key distinctions give us tools for building trust, connection, loyalty, and goodwill by showing us how to shift from reactivity to clear requests.  It can increase our influence and reduce our stress tremendously.