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For Non-Canadian registrants: $600 - 1000 USD; this includes PayPal fees

For Canadians: $630 - 1050 CDN including GST (GST number 772112082RT0001).

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International: $115 USD per session including PayPal fees    Canadians:  $115 CDN per session (includes GST; GST number 772112082RT0001).

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I love change and am always happy to consider creating a custom training to suit your organization or group of friends.  Please contact me at +780 933-5542 so that we can discuss your specific needs.  

Open to fellow CNVC Certification Candidates, my Candidate Circle meets every 1st through 4th Saturday of the month to build on our foundations in NVC.  If you are a registered candidate, I invite you to connect with me if you are interested in knowing more about this ongoing learning opportunity.  

Tools for Relationships 101: Collaborative Communication Key Distinction Series

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s 25 key distinctions give us tools for building trust, connection, loyalty, and goodwill by showing us how to shift from reactivity to clear requests.  It can increase our influence and reduce our stress tremendously.

Dates & Times:  Thursdays from 3:30 – 5 pm PM MT (2:30-4 PM PT) starting March 11, 2021.  Sessions will be recorded

so you can revisit these.

Learning Methodologies: community exploration, modelling, journaling, small group practice, and instruction.

Series 1 (7 Sessions):  Foundations.  Series 1 offers six critical basics, including how to listen empathically to painful and sometimes scary messages in a way that builds connection and deescalates tension.  Audience: anyone relatively new to collaborative communication (CC) or those who wish more guided practice.   


Canadian Rocky Mountain Heart to Heart - 9th Annual NVC Conference

Yearning for an introduction to collaborative communication from a variety of trainers?  Several presenters, including myself, several CNVC certified trainers, and other practitioners, will be presenting at the Canadian Rocky Mountain Heart to Heart.  Normally an in-person event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this year it's online - and global.

Journaling for Self Empathy

Wondering how to keep your learning going?  Create a journaling group rooted in empathy.  Through regular practice, you can transform how you communicate as you accept yourself as you are.  Find out how at this international event where my fellow certification candidate journaling buddies and I are presenting Journaling for Self Empathy.  We've been meeting weekly since mid 2018.  This session is free.

Journaling for Self Empathy March 14, 9:30 AM MT (Edmonton) (16:30-18:00 CET)

The session is part of Time for Empathy, March 8-14, 2021.