Are you longing to be heard or wishing to gain clarity in an area your work or personal life? 

Would you like to transform a personal relationship, a work relationship, or relationship in another role that has not been what you hoped for? 

Are you hoping to shift your organizational culture or personal management style to create greater trust and innovation or to manage change in a way that encourages collaboration and builds lasting commitment?

Or, are you frustrated by negative self-talk and the imposter syndrome and longing to have more confidence?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, and you are curious about how communication can create transformation in these areas, I invite you to contact me.  What you learn can transform your life and organization.  The work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg has changed countless lives and reduced conflict in high-tension areas of the world.  It can transform your life, too.  I offer free 1/2 hour consultations.

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Here is a video interview with Mary Ann Lynch, Grande Praire Alberta entrepreneur and mother: