"Elke’s handout were extremely helpful- I printed them off and put them up on the fridge as well as in my classroom! The idea of every behavior communicating a need was fascinating to me. The use of imagery (tree) and the giraffe/jackel characters helped to emphasize key points. On a personal level, the challenge to become more aware of the word “should” being used in my life was very helpful. I use it quite often in my self-talk and it was a huge factor in my overall feelings of stress. As I tried to eliminate it or replace it with “I want to…because” I became more at peace internally. This is a daily exercise for me! I have also worked on the “giraffe in” mode of communication for self talk; I have found that as I become more gentle with myself, I become less bossy to others.

"Elke created an atmosphere of trust, which is not an easy feat online. I felt comfortable sharing my triumphs and my difficulties with the others in the group and felt like I had something to offer or learn from while listening to their stories as well.  Elke would often role-play our real-life scenarios using NVC language which helped everyone learn how to better communicate. I appreciated this when I had some issues with a colleague. I used Elke’s suggestions for wording with my colleague during our conversation with very positive results. I tend to either avoid conflict or be extremely assertive – the skills learned in this course helped me find a balance." - Brianne M. (Teacher)


"I appreciated all the efforts Elke put into creating her hand-outs, the timeline of each session and the set-up of the conversations and practices. In particular, Elke took her time in presenting the material and reiterated the model through many different exercises so that it started to become integrated more easily into our thinking and practice.

"Elke had a great way to help everyone feel connected and safe to share and model NVC that was free of judgement. She was gracious and generous with her time and followed-up when I was unable to attend a few of the sessions." - Catrina H-W (College Administration - Equity and Inclusion)


"Elke had obviously prepared well for this course. She was organized and she provided the right balance between presentation of the material and the practice and sharing portion. She was open to questions and was able to answer effectively. It was evident to me throughout the course that she has an excellent mastery of NVC and that she was enthusiastic to share it with others." - Anna B (Parent)