Create change, one conversation at a time.


In the no-nonsense, structured trainings that I offer, teams learn collaborative communication skills that, with continued practice, will lead to a substantial increase in team members’ ability to:

  • Self-manage and respond rather than react
  • Foster curiosity to support understanding, clarity of purpose, shared reality, and engagement/buy-in
  • Listen to and acknowledge what matters most to others and oneself at a core level, even if we disagree or have different cultural backgrounds or experiences
  • Express what matters honestly, clearly, and empathically
  • Make clear, positive, and do-able requests to inspire shared understanding, clear expectations, effective performance, accountability, cooperation, and trust
  • Offer ease-filled, empathic, effective, growth-focused feedback and performance evaluations using observations
  • Support an ease-filled flow of communication and creativity
  • Reduce conflict, increase collaboration, and create win-win outcomes/solutions
  • Engage employees, satisfy customers, and build good will inside and outside the organization

Anyone can learn these transformational skills which are based on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, American psychologist and founder of the field of Nonviolent Communication. 

Examples of who could benefit from my training and coaching services include managers who want to

  • reduce turnover and increase loyalty;
  • increase buy-in for organizational change;
  • bolster customer service and stress-resilience in customer service staff;
  • offer constructive feedback that supports employee growth, productivity, and loyalty;
  • increase cohesiveness and mutual respect within diverse workplaces; and
  • increase their influence and/or reduce workplace-related stress.

Organizations that have used collaborative communication (also called Nonviolent Communication) include Microsoft, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and more. 

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